We are convinced that, with our abundant resources, the progress of all Venezuelans can be guaranteed.
We have a vast territory full of natural beauty that encourages tourists; we also have a subsoil full of minerals coveted by the world; but, above all, we have an immense amount of people willing to give their best every day to improve themselves. If we join all these advantages to a suitable economic model, which drives the national production, it will be possible to generate formal, productive employment.
  • We will be able to build a Venezuela with a State that maintains harmonious, productive and equitable relations with the world and that understands globalization as an opportunity.
  • A Venezuela with a State that guarantees the sustainable and eco-efficient use of our natural resources.  
  • A Venezuela with a non-oil dependent economy that is competitive, stable and reliable. 
  • A Venezuela with an economy that recognizes and respects diverse types of property, such as the product of personal and collective effort. With a prosperous, solid and safe productive sector with a high degree of commitment and social responsibility. 
  • A Venezuela that incorporates the immense human capital of our citizens, especially that of the young, into the processes of production and generation of wealth and well-being of the nation. 


Diversification, recovering productivity, generation of trust and democratization of productive capital


Taking our natural attractions to their maximum tourism potential.


Abundance of food and diversity of products at affordable prices
  • Recovering oil production
  • Create Productivity and Diversification funds, the Oil Stabilization Fund and the Solidarity Fund for the Overcoming of Extreme Poverty; which will attend to aspects that will make LA Mejor Venezuela viable.
  • Recovering the tourist offer of hotel capacity and air and land transport through the negotiation of an Open Skies regime for air routes and the reactivation of investments for the hotel system in the following areas: Infrastructure and services, Air and land transport, Education, awareness and quality.
  • Promote citizen security in rural areas in order to reduce kidnappings and extortion affecting the agricultural population. 
  • Promote small producers with endowment programs.


Productive, profitable and competitive mining industry


A broad economy, based on decentralized private initiatives


In La Mejor Venezuela, formal employment and labor benefits are for all Venezuelans
  • Promote a great agreement between government, workers, employers and civil society.
  • Replace oxidation ponds and other waste programs that endanger bodies of water with sustainable programs and we will control illegal mining in order to preserve the environment.
  • Guaranteeing broad access to the capital market for entrepreneurs.
  • Restore confidence in the economic aspect, respecting private property and compliance with contracts. Boost national production through entrepreneurship and investment projects. 
  • Facilitate the exchange of goods and services with the exterior. 
  • Encourage the creation of half a million formal jobs per year that are well paid and stable.
  • Promote constant dialogue between sectors to guarantee productive, safe, fair, dignified employment with rights.
  • To train the population that is in extreme poverty for its insertion in the productive system.


The environment and its conservation as tools for overcoming poverty


A Venezuela capable of predicting its problems and generating scientific-technological solutions
  • To promote a green industry through incentives (fiscal and through the improvement of infrastructure and services of the State) to eco-efficient operations and the creation of companies in sectors such as eco-tourism, recycling, generation of non-polluting energy and sustainable food production.
  • Encourage bilateral social responsibility to guarantee the flow of capital for the development of science, technology, research and innovation programs