My Political Thought

Our dream of a country, The Best Venezuela, is built around an idea, simple but powerful, All rights for all people, without exclusion, without privileges.

The history of Venezuela has been full of inclusions and exclusions. The proximity to power has determined who has access to their rights and who does not. The polarizing dynamic we have experienced in recent decades has led some actors and factors to justify seeking power simply to replace one group of citizens with others.

The definitive break in this perverse cycle is the equality of all. Now, what kind of equality? We propose EQUALITY IN LAW AND IN OPPORTUNITIES. That is, all rights for all people, without exclusion and without privileges. Simple but challenging to our reality.

To get out of the deep crisis and to move towards the well-being of all, to have a guarantee of security and justice for all; and to live together under the agreements, forms and rules of democracy. In my opinion this is what it means, All Rights for all Venezuelans.

It does not matter if a child is born in Antímano or Prados del Este in Caracas, or if he or she is born in Huachamacare or Caname in Amazonas; that child must have the same opportunity to obtain quality education, access to health, to sports, then to a home and, above all, the guarantee of his or her life. That is the Venezuela we deserve, different from that of the past and very different from that of today.

A country where we are all equal in rights requires independent institutions, strong in their loyalty to the Constitution and not to the party or ruler of the moment. This aspiration of a Venezuela where equality in rights and opportunities reigns is a powerful vision that supposes deep changes in the way institutions are organized and above all how society and each Venezuelan relates to the State. The politicization of justice, the political manipulation of social programs, and the abuse of power have no place in a Venezuela where all rights are for all people.

Conquering all rights for all is a challenge that requires the effort of millions of Venezuelans organized with a shared objective: overcoming poverty in Peace and Democracy.

Let us assume the Constitution as a common ground for all Venezuelans and, therefore, let us wage our struggle to ensure that it is fulfilled and that the human, social, political and economic rights of Venezuelans become a reality for every woman and man who lives on this earth. That is precisely the constitutional foundation of the idea that All rights are for all people.

A country where all rights are for all people requires a just, impartial, and efficient state, and a citizenry that is respectful but combative in the defense of its rights and duties, fully convinced that the state is there to serve and not to serve it. It is in this way that a vision of the State, of society and of the relationship that it should deprive between both is built.